Studio Goss envisaged a bold & sculptural space for cult Australian fashion label Kloke. The design utilises a long fully-glazed facade, to present a space that appears to have been carved-out, or cast as a single object. The objects & built forms in the space have various functions but are intended to be somewhat ambiguous, reading as a composition of abstract, sculptural elements.

The concrete (stucco) finish of the walls and ceiling in part alludes to brutalist architecture but through carefully integrated lighting and a seamless wall/ceiling junction, it creates a soft, almost ethereal light quality that belies the harsher connotations of the material. This roughness is offset against a smooth concrete finish in the same colour for the built-in joinery elements and floor with a split at 500mm high creating a subtle, linear datum between Hard and Soft. At key points where a visitor may touch these objects, the concrete was hand-buffed and sanded smooth to further emphasise the contrast in texture. A wide timber threshold in sustainably sourced Australian white mahogany (eucalyptus acmenoides) frames the entry to the store and adds a sense of warmth to the otherwise stark interior. The timber is utilised again in more tactile areas such as the counter and within the change-rooms where the ceiling drops creating a softer, more intimate space with indirect lighting, off-white textured curtains and sisal coloured carpet. Bare steel hanging rails add a finer, more graphic element to the space, creating a layer of texture & detail against the heavier concrete elements. This is further emphasised by two large built-in planters that introduce a layer of soft, lush green foliage. These built-in elements also act as places to sit, with a further seating alcove carved out of a wall inviting visitors to pause and explore the space further.
A key aim throughout the design process was to create a sense of calm and serenity, imbuing the space with a level of restraint that would reflect Kloke’s values of simplicity, functionality & timelessness.

– Rory Gardiner

Melbourne – Victoria, Australia